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Gloria Lehmann (Lee) 200208/22/2018Ms. Nix, there are no words to describe how much of a positive influence you've been throughout my formative high school years. You taught me perseverance, self worth, and a love for physical activity. Looking back at the multiple years of gym and volleyball practice - I am so proud of what I accomplished in high school, and I couldn't have done it without you! I still remember walking into your office and asking how you manage to run 4 miles a day, including one mile backwards, and you simply said that it was habit. You let yourself "cheat" with a bag of chips once in a while - and I appreciated that honesty! I asked whether I should do my cardiovascular workout before or after weightlifting, and you simply said - do it whenever you know you'll get it done. I am by no means an olympic athelete but am so grateful for your value of physical activity which I have adopted and is integral to my health and wellbeing. You also taught me sportsmanship and determination, skills that I believe have helped me be successful! I would love to catch up with you! Please email me!
Jennifer 200210/21/2013Congratulations, Ms. Nix! You are a positive inspiration to all of your students. You helped us to challenge ourselves and were a living example of mens sana in corpore sano. You were a caring and supportive teacher and mentor. Thank you for your many contributions to our school. Enjoy your retirement! You deserve it.
Angela Wu 200909/26/2013Ms. Nix, you are such an amazing woman. You really pushed for achievement through perseverance, and this motivated me not only for volleyball but for everything that I go through in life. I still remember conditioning in the hallway next to the weight training room, thinking I would die from all the workouts. But it made me stronger, and I couldn't have known what I was capable of if you didn't push me. You are such an inspiration!! Thank you!
Debbie Wong 200909/26/2013I don't think I would be as successful, motivated, and healthy if it was not for you Ms. Nix, who taught your students to always strive for the best and never give up. I will never forget the many miles we had to run early in the morning and I could have given up at any time but the thought of disappointing you kept me going and I improved every time. Thank you for always believing in your students and instilling in us the drive to be stellar in everything we do. You have contributed greatly to the development of THHS students and we are forever indebted to you.
Danna Lennon-Thomas 199509/04/2013Ms. Nix I REALLY hated your infamous Exercise Series... I was always a chubby kid so I was actually happy about my H.S. Asthma diagnosis that allowed me to dramatize each gym session with wheezing. My dear friend who was also too cute to sweat in public (Kena Richardson - RIP) and I almost didn't graduate b/c of trying to get over on Ms. Nix who insisted we participate to pass! 1 week before graduation we had to come in early and complete the series to pass gym! It was grueling but today it's a fond memory of my friend and if only I had listened to Ms. Nix and continued to do that Exercise Series I could have saved myself so many years of health issues caused by obesity, now every time I step into the dreaded gym I think about Ms. Nix.
George Reuter 199208/27/2013Congratulations to Ms. Nix on a well-earned retirement! Ms. Nix was the only person on earth who could squeeze a 1-hour jog into a 40-minute band... and she'd jog faster backward than some could forward! And as hard as she pushed us, we always knew she loved us deeply... that is why she will always be remembered so fondly by so many. Enjoy the next chapter of your life, Ms. Nix!
Kay Hogan 1988-2006 Staff07/20/2012God Bless You Wanda Nix - THHS was indeed lucky to have had your Guidance and Spirt all those years. Love Kay Hogan
Seth Cohen 199506/04/2012Leadership, Integrity and Excellence. Those three words embodied Dean Nix as a person, mentor, teacher and friend, and it is what she instilled in her students. Those who were lucky enough to come in contact with Dean Nix undoubtedly carry little pieces of those qualities with them to this day. I will never forget our battle over detentions for rubber duck hall passes or the cancellation of Intramural basketball over a stolen watch in 1994. Memories -- and lessons -- that will endure. Congrats!
Kevin King 199205/17/2012Congratulation! Thanks for training me how to run the first mile in this so call marathon of life. Your teaching is far beyond physical education. It is philosophy that I try to live by daily. Thank you for making a difference in my life and others for the past 20 years and counting!
Ramon 199205/01/2012Ms Nix! Congratulations on this great honor! You were always firm but fair! You have taught me so much about being a leader and more importantly being a great person! Thank you for introducing me to volleyball which is now one of my passions in my life. Miss you! -Ramon
Jin Pak 199004/30/2012Ms. Nix, It was your belief in me that allowed me to become an Army officer and serve our country. I owe you so much. You know, when I think back on my life and think of the people who made an impact on me, my thoughts are instinctively drawn to Townsend Harris, and to you specifically. You had that perfect mix of both discipline and compassion that is an inspiration to all those around you. Thank for your being you!!! - Jin Pak, Class of 1990
Anthony Morales 04/29/2012Congratulations Wanda! The excellence of leadership displayed by you as a physical education teacher, coach and supervisor during your tenure at Townsend Harris H. S. is worthy of much praise. As your colleague and friend,I have witnessed the calm, soothing, yet firm stewardship of how you have managed student discipline and how effective it has been in developing the character and success of the Townsend Harris graduates. Clearly, you are an exemplary educator with which I have had the pleasure of working and sharing many indelible
Anthony Morales 04/29/2012Congratulations Wanda! Your leadership as a physical education teacher, sports coach, and supervisor during your tenure at Townsend Harris H. S. is worthy of much praise. As your friend and colleague, I have observed your calm, soothing, yet firm stewardship of maintaining student discipline and its meaningful effect on the Townsend Harris H. S. graduate. Your pedagogic contributions have been very fruitful and enduring. Clearly, you are an exemplary educator and the naming of the Wanda Nix gymnasium evokes the aura of your persona. Anthony Morales
Franco Scardino Faculty04/29/2012Dear Wanda, What an honor it has been to work with you and learn from you! You are a model teacher, administrator and truly embody the values of the school and the Ephebic Oath. Dedicating the gym to you is only a token gesture compared to all that you have given to your students and colleagues. You have left an incredible mark on the lives you have touched and you continue to inspire colleagues and former students alike. You are a true giant in the profession. Thank you and all the best as you delve into the next chapter in your life!
Dana (Levine) Zachary 198804/29/2012Dear Ms. Nix - Fondest congratulations and wishes to you. I remember so clearly those 9th grade 45 minute jogs, telling you each time I passed you in my snails-pace loop around the gym that I had to stop because my "disease of the Tse Tse fly" was acting up. The memory brings a huge smile to my face and I am instantly transported back the almost 30 years! I know you won't remember this, but one of the first days after school opened, during my whirlwind of nerves and worries, you stopped me in the hall and said hello to me - using my first AND middle name. How could I feel anything but at home and happy in my new school when I was already known so well? It helped set the tone for the comfort that carried through my entire four years. You are truly one of the best teachers I've ever had - as fair, consistent, dedicated, and supportive as any educator I've had the privilege to know. I consciously tried to model myself on your example when I became a teacher. Take good care. With love and enormous respect, Dana
Brian Na 200504/29/2012Dear Ms. Nix, Congratulations! When I reflect back on my two years with you in early morning volleyball class, I can't help but smile - in addition to physical fitness, I learned so many life lessons that I still carry to this day. Through the non-stop one hour "final exam" run, I learned to push myself to be the best that I can be. Going through the exercise series taught me to not let my teammates, who were also depending on me to finish, down in any circumstance - that I was not a self-made individual but a confluence of many people's devoted efforts and trust in me. When I think back to my high school days, I can't think of a person that positively defined my experience in high school more than you have. Thank you for always encouraging me and pushing me to be my best. I can only hope that I can make a positive impact on others as you have on countless students as I continue in my career.
Dori Wilson (Williams) 199204/27/2012Dear Ms. Nix, Congratulations…you are THHS! I managed to stay clear of detention all my years at THHS…except the month of graduation. I can recall cleaning your office and the gym equipment …then getting a call early the next morning from you asking me if I “tipped over the trash cans” on my way from doing detention. The fear of GOD overwhelmed when you uttered something about not being able to attend graduation. That fear has turned into so much respect for you and all that you have done to the students you have touched. May you continue to be blessed!
Mariet D'Souza 04/25/2012Dear Wanda, Congratulations on a well-deserved honor! It has been great working with you. I have always respected and admired your relationship with the students. We miss you very much. Best wishes, Affectionately, Mariet
Tony Tsai 199604/22/2012Sorry I couldn't make it to the celebration Ms Nix. Congratulations on the honor. It was well deserved. Thank you for inspiring several generations of Harrisites and for always being there for us. I will never forget those times where you would let us play volleyball during the wee hours of the day while you were running your laps.
Sharon Lim 2--504/22/2012Ms Nix!! Sorry I couldn't make to it to Harris this past Saturday. I wanted to write you because I never told you that you were truly an inspiration to me. I'm 3 years out of college already, but I still remember talking about you in all of my college interviews. Thank you for pushing all of us to a limit we didn't know we had. God bless you :)
Karen Yau 200404/21/2012Ms. Nix, it was so wonderful seeing you today as we watched your achievements immortalized forever in the form of the Wanda Nix gymnasium. In the last 8 years since I have graduated from THHS, I have aged 8 years. You appear to be stealing my youth because you look even more youthful than ever. I have a small story to share along with all of my past and present Harrisites - a fond memory I have of you: one day, I was in gym class, running the routine mile that you have us "warm up" with when you spotted me chewing gum. You told me the next time you saw me chewing gum, I would be given a referral. The very next day, I was once again chewing gum. You pulled me over and even though you saw me chewing gum, I swallowed it. And you simply told me "well, then, I guess I didn't see you chewing that gum," and sent me along my way. Thank you for being the awesomest dean and gym teacher to ever grace the hallways of THHS. I hope to see you again soon! Love, Karen
Katie Yan 200204/20/2012Dear Ms. Nix, I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you before your retirement. Your last year at THHS was my first, and during those months, I was able to watch the way you interacted with students and faculty. You truly set the tone for our whole community. You show respect for everyone and inspire me to be better teacher and coach. Whenever I am faced with a difficult decision, I ask myself, "What would Wanda do?" As a student, of course I thought you were strict. As a colleague, I realized just how perfectly you dealt with each situation. You know how to resolve any issue, comfort any student, and teach anyone to do what is right. Thank you for leading by example.
Josephine 200004/20/2012Ms. Nix!!!! What can I say? You an amazing woman, educator and fitness guru. You are were an encouragement then and now. I think we all have a great Ms. Nix story to tell. I'm so glad that generations of Harris nerds will know your name (and hear your legacy) through the dedication of the gymnasium. I hope you're enjoying your retirement. You deserve only the best! Love, Josephine!
Charity Canuto 200404/20/2012Ms. Nix, just skimming over the various entries below from all the people you have touched throughout the years shows just how wonderful a teacher, a coach, a mentor, a friend, etc. you are. I don't know what I can possibly add to further prove that! However, I still would like you to know how much you have meant to me. One of my most favorite memories of high school was when Jean and I were on the one and only "Athletic Staff" and the girls varsity volleyball team got hoodies for placing the year before (I think?). Well you came to us and surprised us by asking what we wanted on our OWN hoodies. I can't even explain how special you made us feel. <3 Thank you so very much; I still wear that sweatshirt! Best of the best wishes to you. I hope we can still keep in touch. I will be there tomorrow (wouldn't miss it for anything)! Love, Charity
Debra Michlewitz Faculty04/20/2012On my first day at THHS in 1989, I was grouped with Ms. Nix for the X-ian Exercise. Remember? Ms. Aleph, Ms. Bet, and Peh? She was my Cherished One for that game and she was as wonderful to me as she's been to everyone in the Townsend Harris family. She skilled and tallented in all games, physical and mental. She made the Fencing Team possible for me. Thanks Wanda!
Lynn Alaimo 198804/20/2012Dear Ms. Nix -- Congratulations on this great honor. Now that I'm a teacher myself, I recognize how hard it is to walk the line between demanding excellence and being "tough" while still being "fair" -- both of which students really need. You seemed to always do it so easily and gracefully. You were a great role model for me, and I appreciate your contribution to THHS very much!
Siriboa Monro Pierce 199404/20/2012MS. NIX!!!! My fave memory is when I got in trouble one day for heading to my locker between classes. Ms. Nix caught me and told me to report at 7:30am for gum duty the next morn. Well I reported ready to get my scraper and baggie and... she let me go! I guess showing up was enough (especially since I lived an hour away). I ran into Ms. Nix about 15 years ago at an outlet mall - and she remembered me! Thank you for being you!
Margaret Heidenry 198804/20/2012Congratulations, Ms. Nix! Sorry I can't be there to say it person. I quite enjoyed my time doing squat thrusts in your gym class and even the lunches I got to spend with you while serving detention! Thanks for helping me realize smoking in the girl's room was bad and that exercise was good! All best - Margaret
Esther Soffer Roberts 198904/19/2012Thank you Ms.Nix. For being my coach in volleyball and soccer, for believing in me and teaching me to believe in myself. For inspiring me to be thoughtful, to celebrate others and to be kind and cheerful. You set the example and the standard for all of us every day. You made each and every one of us feel important and respected- even though at the time, we were a bunch of clueless kids. You took the time to listen and counsel, you doled out the smiles, hugs and support and never let us settle for anything less than our very best. Thank you for setting the standard on doing right by others and doing right by yourself, you continue to inspire me every day. Congratulations. Such a fitting honor for the woman who had inspired thousands to be the best versions of themselves that they could ever be. Love, Esther
Liza Wyles (nee Elkind) 199004/19/2012Ms. Nix, I never knew I had it in me, until you simply expected it. The playing field was always level in your class, you held us all to the same standards. What I accomplished under your watch (survival, basically) boosted more than my physical fitness. It strengthened my self-esteem, my self-respect and my friendships as we commiserated over your work-outs. Thank you for providing some of the best memories of my teenage years. I look forward to telling my grandchildren about your gym classes!
Heather Golin Hammerman 199104/19/2012Dear Ms. Nix: You will always be a legend in the minds and hearts of your former students. I only wish I had you at the gym with me today. I'm glad we got to see each other last summer at the reunion. Heather
Susan/Jules Kaufman- PARENTS- 198804/19/2012When Jules and I think back to 84-88 and the actual creation of THHS you are so strong in our memories. That unique time in ours and Julie's (Tromberg, Class of '88) lives is unmatchable.It is truly your spirit and demand for excellence that symbolizes the Townsend Harris experience. We are so happy that you are being acknowledged in this most perfect way. Congratulations on your retirement and the mark you have made on all who know you. Susan Kaufma
January Angeles 199304/19/2012Dear Ms. Nix - Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the school and its students. Being on the volleyball team with you as a coach was a defining experience for me. I will always appreciate how you pushed us to be our best, and how you never accepted anything less than excellence. It was truly a privilege to be your student.
Tracy Joseph 199204/19/2012Congrats Ms. Nix!!! You are a THHS legend!! Even before this honor! It was great to run (no pun intended) into you at the West Palm Beach Airport! Any student that does not have to run the Nix mile is missing out!! And I may have been the only one to do it with appendicitis!! xoxo Tracy
Rafal Olechowski 04/19/2012Dear Ms. Nix, Thank you for showing me how to be a better teacher. Your great sense of equanimity is something I'll never forget. I learned how to carry myself no matter how difficult the situation by watching you do it every day. There are people in life who would rather tell others how to behave without necessarily following that advice themselves; you taught others, taught me, how to behave as a teacher by doing it yourself every single day. However, the biggest lesson I learned from you is to always be kind to everyone and smile. That famous Ms. Nix smile cuts with ease through anger, frustration, and teenage hormonal tantrums. Whenever there was an issue I needed you to help me resolve, I first noticed that smile, a universal sign for "don't worry, it will be all right." I find that I smile a lot more often now and I get many more smiles in return. Thank you for even teaching teachers how to be better. After reading all of these great memories your former students wrote, my only regret is that I wish I were your student for at least one semester. Enjoy every moment of your retirement and smile, smile, smile! Rafal Olechowski Humanities Department
Jonathan Isler 199404/19/2012Ms. Nix - I think my legs still hurt from those runs around the gym for 40+ minutes straight. But was a great lesson in discipline and building a strong work ethic. Thank you for all you've done for so many students.
Gabriela Casas 198804/19/2012Dear Ms. Nix -- CONGRATS! You are an inspiration of strength, discipline and a role model for us all. I dreaded the runs, the sit ups and the tough work outs but man, I do miss them and I appreciate all you did to motivate us to do our best. As I reflect on the "coaches" amd "mentors" that I have had the honor and priviledge of knowing, you are at the top! I wish you all the best.
Adam Shpall 199204/19/2012Dear Ms. Nix—You truly deserve this honor! Your tough love approach was effective in inspiring us to be our best. Thank you for all your hard work and for officiating all those intramural basketball games. -Adam
Bibi Mukherjee 199404/19/2012Dear Ms. Nix, Congrats!!! You have been a great inspiration to me in my life in setting the expectation that exercise is important and even enjoyable. I still remember the 45 minute jogs in the old building. At the time it was a big achievement to get through those. :) You always set the bar high for everyone, and led by example. Thank you for being a wonderful mentor, coach, and an inspiration for us all. -Bibi
Annie Socci 200104/19/2012Dear Ms. Nix, Congratulations on retirement and for all of your years of service to THHS. Having you as a volleyball coach was one of the best experiences of my life, and definitely the highlight of my high school career. I spent a season as a volleyball coach at a community college a few years ago, and I now have a better appreciation for what it must have been like for you to watch every match unfold. I suspect it was a stressful combination of anxiety, pride, and the occasional desire to yell "what were you thinking??", but nonetheless I am so grateful that you stuck around to watch! I am grateful too for your mentorship, poise, and compassion. I am sorry that I cannot honor you in person on Saturday, but I hope that you are enjoying a new chapter in your life! -Annie
James Ingenito 200004/18/2012Dear Ms Nix, Congratulations! I wish you all the best. I'm not sure the gym is enough recognition for all the amazing things you have done, your dedication to and motivation of the students all these years. I think they should also include the center staircase that you made us climb, the elevators you use to ride to make sure we were climbing the stairs, and the track out back that we ran on in the pouring rain. Then future students will know Ms. Nix never really left and is still watching. Thank you for 4 great years of memories. - James
Cynthia Cortes-Aguilar 199904/18/2012Dear Ms Nix, Congratualtions!!!! You deserve the acknowledgment. You are a wonderful, strong, dedicated and caring individual. You taught me that exercise is always good for you (even if it means running laps in the cold or jogging up 6 flights of THHS stairs). Thank you for all your dedication to us students over the years I know I will always appreciate your encouraging words and no nonsense attitude. God Bless and Good Luck on your new adventures.
David Herszenhorn 199004/18/2012Dear Ms. Nix, No one has more perfectly defined the ideals of Townsend Harris High School, and the ideals of a humanistic education than you have, and your generations of students, as well as American public education in general, have been the lucky beneficiaries. When alumni look back at their years at Townsend Harris, which has long defined itself as an “intensive academic” program, invariably they say that their most intensive academic experience was in your class. Your relentless demand for excellence -- physically, morally, academically -- set the standard, not just within the school’s walls but for all of us as we have journeyed on in our lives. Strength of mind; strength of body; strength of character: these are the goals and ideals we strive for because you imparted them on us. And perhaps more than anything, you taught us that there is no limit to what we can achieve if we push ourselves harder. Graduates of the “original” Townsend Harris High School have often told me that if there was one, single defining characteristic of the institution that they remember most vividly, it was the greatness of their teachers. They describe educators who permanently shaped their lives for the better, who opened the doors to endless possibilities and forever changed the way they saw the world. Not only did you uphold this tradition, but you redefined the “Townsend Harris experience” for the modern age. Thank you for being my teacher. You taught me a lot. -David Herszenhorn
Lisa Antinore 199004/17/2012Ms. Nix, I have so many memories, mostly sweaty, of your gym class. You never fell for my excuses: big boobs, stomaches, sweat that exacerbated my acne and could, -egads- damage my already fragile teenage self-esteem :) Lord knows I could use you now. I bought an elliptical for my 40th birthday a few weeks ago and when the salesman asked me about my level of fitness I told him the truth : "I haven't run since Ms. Nix's gym class back in high school." I recall that once you drove around my local park, Bowne, to chart the mileage for me so I could practice running on my own. Special teacher. An inspiration to many. May God Bless you always. Something tells me this will be a veeeeeery active "retirement"! With Love and Admiration, lisa antinore
Hellen Kim 199804/17/2012Dear Ms Nix, Congratulations! I hope that the stories of your character, strength, leadership, and excellence are passed on to all the future generations of Harrisites - that as they walk into the Wanda Nix Gymnasium, they'll know why this recognition was given and why this was so deserved. Many fond memories run through my mind as I reflect on my years at THHS. Experiencing the "Ms. Nix Jog" for the first time ever in the old building, joining the Varsity Volleyball team and subsequently winning a championship the same year, getting tested the first practice of the following season to see if we really did follow the summer workout regimen like we said we did (and quickly regretting that we thought we could fool you), stopping by your office randomly for quick check-ins and chats. But when I think of you, I think I'll always remember the warmth, your smiles and embraces, the most. As a role model you taught us about discipline, hard work, integrity, values, excellence, and so much more. But you also showed warmth, compassion, and genuine care and concern for each of your students. Thank you for showing me that great leaders smile. And give hugs. =) I'm so honored to be able to celebrate this momentous day with you.
Jane Kwon 198904/16/2012Ms. Nix, this recognition of the Wanda Nix Gymnasium could not have been given to a better person, a role model, pillar of strength, mentor. Thank you for the lessons both on and off the court. I wish you all the best in the next chapter of your life. What a ride you'll have!
Bettye Balfour Administration 04/16/2012"An outstanding educator's career has eventually come to an end." Wanda, you were the first person that I met when I began my work at THHS six years ago. Instantly, you made me feel comfortable and welcomed. I arrived early on that day and although you were busy working with a group of students, you did not hesitate to warmly greet me. During my tenure, I observed your work as Dean, and it was impeccable. The students, parents, and the entire school community miss you greatly, but we know that you will continue to inspire others with your patience, respect, and personal integrity. The dedication of the gymnasium, in your honor, will be a lasting testament to your dedicated work ethic and educational legacy. I wish you all the best in the future. Your colleague and friend.
Lee-Kon Chen 199204/16/2012Ms Nix, Congratulations on such an honor! I'll never forget my graduation detention sit-ups: 1000
Tanya M. Odom 198804/16/2012Ms.Nix, THANK YOU for your dedication and commitment to us, and to the school. You are part my very unique high school experience. Your legacy will be kept "alive" with the Wanda Nix Gym. MANY THANKS.
Erica (Eisenstein) Lynett 199304/16/2012Hi Ms. Nix, congratulations on this honor - it is well-deserved. You will always stand out in my mind as a great teacher and role model - the perfect combination of discipline and caring. I played JV and Varsity Volleyball for you (a long, long time ago!) and you were kind enough to overlook my lack of talent. :-). Instead, you made volleyball one of my fondest memories from high school. It was great to be part of a team, with such an excellent coach. I'm very happy for you!
Sharon (Bomzer) Schnee 198904/16/2012Dear Ms. Nix, In my memories of high school you were always a model of strength and dedication, while also being caring and fun! Your gym classes were legendary, and this honor well deserved! Wishing you all the best!
Kathryn Dubowski 200404/13/2012Dear Ms. Nix, Thank you so much for all the time you dedicated to THHS!You were such an amazing teacher and coach, always so happy and calm! I particularly remember how involved you were in all the school teams, always showing your support at our games and meets. It meant so much to us. I can't imagine Townsend athletics without you. I hope you are enjoying retirement. Best of luck!!
Kristin Candan 199804/13/2012Ms. Nix or Auntie Wanda (as my teammates and I somehow got away with calling her senior year) has and will always be to me a role model for good sportsmanship, strength, and class. One of my favorite and most valuable Ms. Nix memories is from my senior year before an important volleyball match. My teammates and I were desperately trying to defend our city championship title from the prior season and were panicked when one of the starting players had forgotten her jersey and would therefore be unable to play. Foolishly, many of us were pleading with Ms. Nix to allow another teammate to give up her jersey to outfit this starting player. Ms. Nix refused, explaining to us that she would never punish a player who was responsible by taking her jersey and prohibiting her the chance to play. On that day, Ms. Nix demonstrated confidence in the ability of her entire team, not just the starting players. She made clear to us that winning was not her top priority as a coach and educator. Over a decade later I can’t tell you whether we won or lost that game, but I do know that I learned an unforgettable lesson about teamwork and sportsmanship that day. Thank you Ms. Nix for being such an important coach and figure in my adolescent life. Many of your lessons guide my decision making today in both sport and life.
Joseph Bawar 198804/12/2012Dear Ms. Nix, how I do miss those runs. I have always admired your skills as an educator. Fair and balanced. You brought out the best in me. Congratulations on a well deserved recognition!
Kevin Kwak 200604/12/2012Dear Ms. Nix, I cannot thank you enough for making my high school experience a memorable one. Even though we all complained about how hard you pushed us at the time, I know that we are all appreciative of your hard work and belief in us. Whenever I am exercising, I can still hear you yelling at us to push ourselves harder. I am glad that I was able to visit the school and see you even after graduating. I can't imagine what THHS must be like without your presence. Thank you for pushing us to be better athletes, students, and individuals.
Lou Weiss 04/12/2012Mr. Sweetin, my late partner, always spoke highly of Wanda Nix. Tom greatly admired her ability to convey and balance all the elements of a superb educator. I know he would be one of the first in line on April 21. I wish you a wonderful day followed by many more terrific years doing exactly as you wish.
Craig Slutzkin 199104/12/2012Thank you for so much Ms. Nix. You were my in-class teacher for three semesters at Townsend Harris. I say "in-class" teacher because you have continued to teach me through your leadership and dedication throughout the years I have worked with the Alumni Association. You are truly a class act, and the dedication of the gymnasium only represents a fraction of the honor that you deserve. Congratulations!
Myron Moskowitz faculty04/12/2012Dear Wanda, I have enjoyed knowing you since our days at Samuel J. Tilden High School in Brooklyn, and have had the pleasure of sharing the excitement of the founding of Townsend Harris High School here in Queens. Through all the years, you have remained a valued colleague and cherished friend. You have left your mark on both schools and have justifiably become a role for our profession. May those who toil in the Wanda Nix Gymnasium continue to challenge, encourage, and inspire the very best students in New York City as did the woman for whom the facility is named! All the best always, Mosko
Michael Detweiler 199104/12/2012Ms. Nix, congratulations on your retirement and the legacy you leave behind. You were a great inspiration and I run marathons today that I like to think began with laps around the old THS gym as warm-up!
Kristy Von Ohlen 200004/12/2012Mrs. Nix, congratulations on a wonderful career at THHS! Ever the disciplinarian, but always somehow with a huge smile. It was a pleasure spending so much time in the gym with you, especially having your presence at basketball games as Mr. Ceraulo (Hi Mr C.!) said below. Enjoy every minute of your retirement - live it large! Your students, including myself, undoubtedly look back to THHS with extremely fond memories of you! But, I still can't believe you gave me an 85 in gym :)
Grace Lee 200504/12/2012Dear Ms. Nix, I remember all the hours I spent in our gymnasium and your office, at home games and at away games. My time at THHS and on the volleyball team were truly rewarding, and getting by four years under Dean Nix without a demerit was a feat that I am slightly shy to be proud of. Thank you for such a wonderful experience; you taught me about leadership, kindness and drive. Congratulations, and I hope that your impact on the students of THHS resounds throughout the building for many years ahead.
Christina Juva 199704/11/2012Dear Ms Nix: Congratulations and thank you for your years of dedication to the THHS community. I must say that having been involved in the athletics at THHS has changed my life. I continue to draw inspiration daily from my four years there. I am so thankful to have had you as a teacher and mentor who challenged me to become the best I could be as a student, an athlete, teammate and friend. Wishing you the best always.
Hsiu-Chin Chang 200004/10/2012Dear Ms. Nix, I cannot believe how long it has been. From the moment I stepped out the doors of THHS and into the world, I look back with complete fondness of the moments I’ve spent sitting opposite you in that glass box office of yours. I take so much pride in having been on your team and your journey as a teacher, coach and mentor to so many. You were there for me in that awkward stage in my life when I didn’t know my butt from my elbow, and taught me so many lessons on and off the court. What I carry with me today, more than anything else, are the lessons you’ve taught me in grace and human kindness. On this day’s celebration of you and all that you have done for so many of us, I am wishing you so much joy. CONGRATULATIONS!! The warmest embrace, Chin-Chin
Natashi Anthony (Pino) 199104/09/2012Such a great honor is going to such a deserving person! May blessings follow you through all of your future endeavors!
Sandy Eiseman faculty 84-8904/06/2012Wanda, I cannot think of anyone who better deserves this dedication. You were the heart and soul of the original school. I remember being admonished by Dr. Largman for breaking the rules and putting up late arrivals to my Bio class and allowing students to go for a drink when they trudged up to my class after their 30 minute in your class. While interviewing for new students with you I could see how dedicated you were to bringing out the best in everyone. I am sorry that Charles and I will not be able to attend since we will still be in FL in April. Congratulations. You deserve only the best!
Jennifer Dubow 199204/04/2012Ms. Nix is a strong woman and a force to be reckoned with. She didn't put up with bullshit and expected only the best from her players. At the time, it seemed horrible when she made me do laps around the gym for something I said or did, but looking back, she was just trying to instill values of discpline, commitment and self-reliance on us all. Congratulations! Well deserved.
Cynthia Ortiz 198804/04/2012Miss Nix, at times, you had me hiding in the Girl's Bathroom to avoid your runs! Of course, today I regret it because I NEED those runs now! I really admired you because of your strength and dedication. And, although it seemed like I didn't appreciate it then, I really did. I needed that role model to look up to. Thank you and congratulations.
Joseph Conte 200604/03/20126 am for 4 miles in gym. I'll never forget that. Always thought you were the hardest and unreasonable until I got to know you Ms. Nix. I'll also always remember being called into your office for actually doing something correctly and you jokingly said 'what did you do now?' I'll always have respect for you and your no nonsense yet loving way of teaching. You've impacted me more than you know. Congratulations.
Vandalyn Kennedy 198804/03/2012Ms. Nix, This is Well deserved! I'm so happy that you are being honored in this way. You helped to establish the legacy that we are all proud to be a part of today. Unfortunately, I will be traveling on April 21st and cannot attend the celebration:-(. However, I have already sent the donation that was initially requested, to defray the cost of the day's festivities. When I attended THHS,( first graduating class of 1988 whoo-hoo!) you were the Dean AND gym teacher, AND coach of almost every sports I gave you the HARDEST time - because I secretly admired your strength and appreciated the discipline you gave. Now Ms. Nix, let's be honest, you gave me a hard time too, lolol, but I can look back now and say that I needed every bit of it. Because of examples like yours, I am now giving young people the balance of love AND discipline in my professional career. I am thankful to the committee for helping to make sure you feel the love, respect, and appreciation we have for you. In this world of uncertainty, its important that we give people their "flowers" while they can smell them. I hope you go on sensory overload from the love poured out on the 21st and beyond. Well done committee! Much love Ms. Nix, Peace and blessings.......... Vandalyn Kennedy
Michelle Yeow 200704/02/2012Ms.Nix, congratulations! How fitting it is for the gym to be named after you! It truly was an honor to have had you as a teacher and coach. I wrote off volleyball for 3 years but you and your 0 band volleyball class made me fall in love with the sport. My only season of volleyball with you proceeded to become the best time of my high school experience. Thank you for making physical education and varsity volleyball so much fun, albeit physically taxing. You taught me so much - discipline, team work, leadership, perseverance, humility, sportsmanship, professionalism - I could go on and on. Thank you for always being so hard on us but I know now that it's because you had so much faith in each of us. All in all, thank you for being our "Mama Nix".
Sarah Oberlander 200604/02/2012Whenever I am in THHS I feel safe, nurtured, encouraged, guided, and proud. Our school provides a learning environment unmatched by any other high school in NYC because you made THHS a place where students can feel like learning is a priority. Thank you for being an amazing role model to the teachers and students.
Larry Ceraulo Retired 200404/01/2012Wanda ... Congratulations on naming the Gym, where you spent most of your time, in your honor. You truly deserve all the praise and accolades afforded to you. You were an outstanding teacher, mentor, role model and friend. You were an inspiration to watch and deal with on a daily basis. You were a wonderful athletic director. Your organizational skills and attention to details were exceptional. You spent many nights staying in that gym watching our basketball games and making sure the visiting spectators took off their hats! We never had to worry about our facilities or schedules as long as you were there. Good luck. You deserve the best.
Cynthia LeBron 198804/01/2012Ms. Nix, Congratulations and thank you for being such an incredible teacher. You always had new activities to try out and made it all seem so easy. From fencing to basketball, volleyball and of course your famous runs. You have influenced so many people and have left an indelible mark on so many lives. Your confidence and professionalism will always be remembered. It was an privilege to be your student. Best wishes for your retirement.
Hieu Dinh Nguyen 198903/30/2012Physical education goes hand in hand with intellectual education. I am so fortunate to have had you as a teacher. You are a wonderful teacher. Whenever I think back of my high school years, I often think of you. Thank you, Ms. Nix.
Malcolm Largmann Faculty03/30/2012Wanda, you are the model of all that is finest in our profession. This is acknowledged not only by your colleagues, but more significantly by your generations of students. For me, you have always been the quiet conscience of Townsend Harris and I have been the most fortunate of principals. Thank you for your complete dedication to our mission, to the physical and moral well being of each student, and to your loyalty to all of us. I treasure your friendship and the rich professional life we have shared over the yearts. May the Wanda Nix spirit long endure in the symbol of the Wanda Nix Gymnasium.
Jason Kyon 200003/30/2012Congratulations Ms. Nix! Thank you for being the great dean, coach, mentor and person to me, during and after my years at THHS.
Nicole Chevalier (Smith) 199303/30/2012Ms. Nix, You were a great instructor. I still mention you to family and friends as an inspiration because you made fitness a part of your life like eating and sleeping. I still tell people how you went on 2 mile runs during your prep periods or lunch period. That attitude still amazes me and inspires me to make fitness a regular part of my life as well.
robin figelman faculty03/30/2012Wanda,it was an honor and a privilege to work with you for the past 20+ years. The journey began in 1989 when I came to student teach for you. It was an awesome run as we became not only colleagues but good friends. I will always cherish both. You are the best. Love Robin
Marielys Garcia 200203/30/2012Ms. Nix, this is such a well deserved honor. You were making us do mountain climbers, burpees and long runs before it was in style to do so. Thanks for building in us mental toughness, value for our physical health and much more. I especially gained so much confidence in the modeling that you provided as a strong woman, making no excuses for anything. You have left an indelible mark on so many in the THHS community and we are thankful for you.
Chi Ma 200203/30/2012Ms. Nix, Congrats!!! As this honor of your effectiveness and dedication to students is represented in the physical location of THHS, your lessons and passion will continue to be with all of us. It is your spirit, energy and discipline which I have taken with me to guide through my adolescence and now through adulthood. You will always have a place in my heart as you were never one to take the easy way out. You were teaching us life lessons without any of us realizing at that time and I am forever appreciative of who you are and who you wanted us to be. Thank you!
Jen Chau 199503/30/2012Ms. Nix - The seemingly endless jogs you made us run taught resilience and fortitude. You are by far one of my most impactful teachers I've had. You were serious and strict (with a definite sense of humor), but there was never a doubt that you always cared. You were inspiring and strong, and a huge model to me as a young girl. I always wanted to be as tough as Ms. Nix! I remember being so motivated by your classes that I started to come in early for voluntary morning runs in the gym with a couple of friends. I learned - from you - the importance of a healthy way of life. Thank you for being who you are - I feel very lucky to have had the privilege of being taught by you. The lessons are still with me. Congratulations on a much deserved honor. With love, Jen.
Bernadette (Crespo) Stark 199403/27/2012Congratulations Ms. Nix!! I can't tell you how happy I am that future generations of Harrisites will work out in the "Wanda Nix Gymnasium" - it's fitting! I can't thank you enough for all you've done during your time at T.H.H.S. and for the influence you had on me as a student-athlete. You were always so involved and present. As a coach, you influenced me tremendously and helped me keep things in perspective while always pushing for my personal best. You had faith in me as a volleyball player, even when I didn't and I believe I improved because of that. Of course, I'll always remember you as the coach who had the scariest drills (jumping over the weight bench to learn proper spiking procedure - yikes!), but also, as the coach most dedicated to the improvement of her players, on and off the court. Thank you for everything!
Kimberly Lo 200603/27/2012Congrats Ms. Nix! I have to say that future students don't know what they're missing :) To this day, I still have the exercise series on my mind and your encouraging words with me when I run. Thank you for such an inspirational 4 years, for teaching me to take care of myself as well as paying mind to all those around me. And for all the fun memories of 0 Band Volleyball! :)
Gia Malka 198803/24/2012Congrats on this well deserved honor! You taught me to push myself to be the best me at whatever I was doing and to accept who I was at all times. And that is only one of the many lessons you taught me that I have carried with me. Mom and dad send their congratulations as well!
Selina Lee 199803/22/2012CONGRATS MS NIX! Thank you for all you have done! I remember that my partner and I won MVP for the handball team back in 1997/1998. There was only one trophy for the two of us and you asked me if I wanted my own. I responded that it is ok and we can share it. But you went ahead an ordered another one so we each could bring one home. Though it was a small gesture, it meant a lot to me! Thank you <3. I still have my trophy above my piano to this day :).
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