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Ari Gershman ’98

Ari Gershman, ’98, currently serves as district office manager for City Councilman Mark S. Weprin. Ari’s local activism has included his tenure on the boards of the Queens Lesbian and Gay Pride Committee and the Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club of Queens. Active in local politics, Ari is on the boards of the Saul Weprin Democratic Club and the Eleanor Roosevelt Democratic Club.

He is a member of the Queens County Democratic Committee, and he attended the 2008 Democratic National Convention with his sister Rachel Gershman, an elected Barack Obama delegate.

Ari received a bachelor of arts in religious studies from the University of Pennsylvania in 2001 and then taught elementary school in North Philadelphia. In 2002, Ari accepted a Fulbright Fellowship and went to South Korea where he taught English in a public high school. A lifelong Queens resident, Ari lives in Jamaica Estates with his boyfriend.