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04/20/2017  Townsend Harris Community Welcomes New Principal Brian Condon

Townsend Harris Community Welcomes New Principal Brian Condon

A message from Townsend Harris Alumni Association Co-Presidents Craig Slutzkin and Dr. Selina Lee:

Dear Members of the Townsend Harris Family,

This afternoon, the Department of Education officially named Brian Condon as the next principal of Townsend Harris High School. Mr. Condon's appointment is effective immediately.

Mr. Condon comes to Townsend Harris with a robust level of experience in Humanities education. He has a Bachelor's Degree in English and a Master's Degree in Liberal Studies. He spent 10 years in the English Department at Martin Van Buren High School, and after a Principal Internship at Brownsville Academy, Mr. Condon took the helm at the School for Tourism and Hospitality in the Bronx, which was a relatively new school at the time requiring strong leadership and direction.

There is a saying, "You will live in interesting times". Well, this past year has certainly been quite interesting, to say the least. While the search for the next leader of Townsend Harris was certainly full of bumps and many frustrations, the end result is clear: We feel that in Mr. Condon, we have the right person to take our school to the next level of excellence. We applaud the Department of Education for its wisdom in making this selection.

Through this process, we have once again learned that the Townsend Harris community is caring, strong and resilient when faced with challenges, and will come together to ensure that the traditions of the school are honored, the vision of the school remains the same and that the standards of excellence are maintained and even grow.

Now is the time for the Townsend Harris community to look forward. We must come together and ask ourselves what Townsend Harris should strive to be. We will be having that dialogue over the coming months. We are confident that Mr. Condon will lead us in this conversation.

There are so many people who have provided outstanding leadership throughout this process and we each owe a debt of gratitude. Both current and retired faculty, as well as current and former PTA leaders (especially current PTA Co-President Susan Karlic) have spent inordinate amounts of their time working for an optimal result. The current students, particularly student government leaders Alex Chen and Max Kurant as well as Classic Editors Mehrose Ahmad and Sumaita Hasan, showed such poise, maturity and resolve that we all can be so proud of. Elected officials such as Melinda Katz, David Weprin, Rory Lancman, Toby Stavisky and of course, our very own Nily Rozic (Class of 2004) worked tirelessly in support of the school. And last, but certainly not least, you - the school's alumni - played a major role in supporting the Townsend Harris community. It's a testament to the love and affection we each have for our alma mater.

We are sure there will be plenty of opportunities for each of us to meet Mr. Condon over the next few months, and certainly at our annual meeting this Fall. We will keep you posted as Mr. Condon settles in. In the meantime, please join us in welcoming Mr. Condon to the Townsend Harris family.

As always, if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us at


Craig L. Slutzkin '91
Selina Lee '98

Townsend Harris Alumni Association