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David Brainin, Class of 1941

David N. Brainin of New York City, N.Y. aged 90, passed away at home in the company of his beloved wife Sema Brainin (née Sharon) on June 13, 2015. He is survived by children Jo Ellen, Laura, Peter and Julia. He was preceded in death by son David R., and granddaughter Zualbi. Surviving grandchildren include Solina, Josué, William, Andrés, Amanda, Esmeralda, Nicole, Dainy, Zashari, Xela, Ixchel, Gen and Kana. Great grandchildren include Amanda I., Alani, Kai, Mila, Jaynilis, Tristan, Evan, Frankie jr., Melanie, Kimberly, Anabella and Lucette. his sister Mitzi survives him in Israel.
He had a long career as an attorney, mediator and arbitrator that began in 1954, including partnerships with Brainin and Longo (1959), Rubin, Wachtel, Baum and Levin (through 1975), county attorney for Westchester County (1975-1978), and most recently Locker, Greenberg and Brainin (1981-present). His work included pro bono participation in the team defending Martin Luther King jr. in NYT Co. vs Sullivan in 1965, small claims court judge in the Bronx for over 25 years, counseling concientious objectors in both English and Spanish during the Viet Nam war and mock trial coaching with Lehman High School students. He will be remenbered as a devoted husband, brother, father, grandfather and greatgrandfather, as well as an generous attorney commited to justice. He will be missed.

Published on from June 17 to June 18, 2015.