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Townsend Harris Alumni Association

Townsend Harris Forever!
The 100th Anniversary Campaign
P.O. Box 1422, New York, NY 10013

Eugene Lang '34
Honorary Chairman

        The Townsend Harris Alumni Association launched Townsend Harris Forever! an unprecedented effort to raise money in support of Townsend Harris High School, its students, teachers, academic programs, athletic teams and extracurricular activities.

        Our goal is to raise more than $2 million in contributions. Already, we have received more than $500,000 in gifts and pledges
toward our goal.

        Townsend Harris, like schools across New York City, has been subject to severe budget cuts by the Board of Education and the city and state governments. These cutbacks present a substantial obstacle to providing students with the rich high school experience that Townsend Harris alumni experienced during their high school years -- whether they attended school in the 1930's or the 1980's.

        Public schools across America are now turning to private partners to support their students and programs. Many seek corporate sponsorship and foundation grants. A select few schools like Townsend Harris are also able to turn to an active and loyal base of alumni to step in and insure the school's continued excellence.

        Townsend Harris Forever! will create several "endowment" funds that will be used to support the high school in perpetuity. This means that the principal amount of your donation is protected, to insure that your gift will continue to enrich the lives of Townsend Harris students forever!

        As the donor, you choose the fund that you wish to support. The funds and the specific goals are as follows:

Publications Fund
To support the school newspaper, yearbook, literary magazine and other publications):
$250,000 goal.

$51,000 pledged so far.

To support all of the various needs of Townsend Harris athletic teams:
$300,000 goal.
To augment the holdings of the school library and support special exhibits and collections:
$75,000 goal.
To supplement the school textbook budget, which in recent years has run a $15,000 annual shortfall:
$300,000 goal.
$25,000 pledged so far.
Community Service
To support the school's numerous community service programs:
$100,000 goal.

$100,000 pledged. Goal achieved!

For equipment and maintenance need to duplicate exams and other course materials:
$75,000 goal.
To provide and maintain the most modern computer systems and support materials:
$300,000 goal

To supplement all school music programs, including the student orchestra and band:
$150,000 goal.
$25,000 pledged so far.
Classical Languages
To support and augment the classical languages program:
$35,000 goal.
Faculty Development
To support special teacher training and insure the best possible teaching staff:
$200,000 goal.

$200,000 pledged.  Goal achieved!

To support drama programs and to insure a world-class school play each year, with sets, costumes, props:
$175,000 goal.
$5,000 pledged so far.
School Vans
To replace and maintain school vehicles:
$40,000 goal.

        In the past, alumni have given generously to create numerous scholarship programs that support students in their education beyond Townsend Harris. The Alumni Association will continue to administer these scholarship programs and will continue to establish new scholarships as donors request them.

        Gifts raised through Townsend Harris Forever! will go directly to benefit current students at the school, to provide them with the best possible high school experience. Until now, the Alumni Administration has supported school programs on an operational rather than "endowment" basis. For example, to augment the classical language program, the Alumni Association currently pays the salary of the school's Hebrew language teacher and to broaden the music program, the Alumni Association pays for a special Strings instructor. Most recently, generous alumni donors quickly came together to help the school create its special Social Science Research lab -- to support students who are participating in high-stakes social science research competitions.

        Townsend Harris and its students have been featured recently on Public Television's NewsHour, which is broadcasting a special series on high school research competition.

        It is important for all alumni to recognize that the re-opened Townsend Harris is not a successor to the original school in name alone, but truly embodies the original high standards of academic excellence. No other public high school in America as is committed to the classics and the humanities -- the crucial core of a liberal arts education.

        And while Townsend Harris puts a priority on humanities, Townsend Harris students nevertheless continue to excel in the sciences frequently besting their competitors from the science-focused schools -- Stuyvesant, Bronx Science and Brooklyn Tech.

        The Alumni Association is committed to recognizing the generosity of benefactors to Townsend Harris. In cases, where a donor provides the substantial majority of a fund, that fund will be named in honor of the donor, if he or she wishes, or in honor of any other person that the donor wishes to recognize.              
        There are numerous ways to make your contribution to Townsend Harris Forever! including as a direct cash gift, a bequest, a charitable remainder trust, a gift of appreciated securities and more.

        If you would like to donate today, please send your contribution to:

Townsend Harris Forever!
The 100th Anniversary Campaign

P.O. Box 1422, New York, NY 10013

        If you would like more information or would like to speak with our Co-President/Treasurer Craig Slutzkin ’91, about the various methods of giving, please send e-mail to