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Townsend Harris Oral History

In 2013, the Alumni Association started a new and exciting project where we taped video diaries of members of the original Townsend Harris. This was later expanded to members of the original faculty of Townsend Harris, and then to some of the men and women of that first class in 1984. We will be periodically updating our website to include these video diaries. Click on the name below to reminisce with our friends.

A. Paul Goldblum ’42

Gerald P. Halpern ’44

Richard Jones, Jr. ’88

Herbert Kadison ’35

Bentley Kassal ’33

Eugene Lang ’34

Edward McMahon ’88

Joseph Merino ’88

Alfred Sloan ’37

Jackson Toby ’41

Susan Appel (with Joan Walsh)

Harriette Blechman

Saul Cohen, QC President

Dr. Malcolm G. Largmann, Founding Principal

Linda Mandell

Anthony Morales

Anthony Morales (THHS Logo)

Myron Moskowitz

Robert Nelson

Sheila Orner

Frank Polizzi

Renee Silver

Howard Wagner

Rhoda Weinstein